A4TECH MK650 Review


I can only review it by giving my own opinion and comparing it to my other earphone, the SoundMagic PL11 (which is now dead).

SoundMagic PL11

 I only buy this A4tech MK650 because my stock earphones for my Philips MP3 player is now dead as with my SoundMagic PL11 (ouch). At first I was hesitant to buy this earphones because my friend actually had one and he said that his earphone did not last at least 2 months I think. Well, because of the very low price, I still bought this stuff.

My first impression on this earphone is that it looks good and when I put it on my ears, it’s actually comfortable, but there’s a sound everytime I put it in me (maybe the cord).

The first time I use it, the sound quality is good but not as good as my previous earphones. The bass is warm and punchy but not totally crisp, it’s just okay. The sound clarity is also good. Maybe because I’m comparing it to a more better PL11. But for the price I paid, i think it’s BFTB coz it’s maybe cheap but the sound is still good and clear. I just hope that the build quality will last at least 6 months or more. I’m listening to post-hardcore genre and it sounds very good! I’m not sure for hiphop or pop genres. The color I got is RED because the other choices are PINK and GREEN (and it’s not for me!).

This earphone is for everyday use I think and the noise cancellation actually works. I cannot hear anything when I ride public transportation (maybe it’s bad I think for others). So using it everyday while going to school or office is alright.


If you’re searching for a very cheap but still has good sound quality, try this A4TECH MK650. And if I were you, don’t compare it to high-end earphones (just like what I did) because it may not surpass or maybe equal to your expectations. For the price you’ll pay, its Bang for the BUCK!

I hope I help you even in slightest idea I can share. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Here’s the other images:


A4TECH MK650 and SoundMagic PL11

A4TECH MK650 and SoundMagic PL11


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