Take The Crown – Let The Game Begins

take the crown


Band History:

Take the Crown was a post-hardcore band from Huntington Beach, California. The original lineup included vocalist Beau Bokan, guitarist Nick Coffey, guitarist Tony Gonzalez, bassist James Campbell, and keyboardist Ryan Wilson. The band began recording demos in 2004 with friend Chris Sorenson of Saosin, he would later produce their self-released debut EP, Let the Games Begin, in 2006. The band signed to Rise in 2007 and released their follow up full length album, Relapse React, May 13, 2008. They disbanded September 25, 2008 due to the departure of James Campbell and Tony Gonzalez, lack of management, and financial burdens.

Let The Games Begin


Album History:

Their debut release Let the Games Begin, produced by Chris Sorenson of the band Saosin, was released in 2006. The band replaced drummer Aaron Birdsaw with Trevor Bodawitz and began touring in support of the album. Shortly after the departure of Birdsaw, the band was selected to perform with AFI during their Five Flowers shows and at the Los Angeles date of the Taste of Chaos tour. The band did two UK tours, in support of Eighteen Visions and The Blackout as well as a US tours with Lostprophets and Four Year Strong. Drummer Juan Pereda (formerly of Taken and Name Taken) replaced Trevor Bodawitz for the final tour in support of the record, however, he was soon replaced by Aaron Elliott.


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