112 thoughts on “EastWest Basic Savings Account

      1. Hi there Drew!

        I would like to ask if how much is the minimum amount you can withdraw through ATM with this type of account?

      1. hi! asking a q here, how were you able to link your eastwest debit card to PP and how long did it take you?

      2. It was easy to connect it, you’ll just have to add your atm on add debit/credit card. That’s it! I linked my account for just 3 days I think.

      3. hi there, how much is the charge? is it 50php per transaction for below 7000php withdrawal? from PP to EWB saving acct? thanks

  1. It says three IDs are required T_T I only have school ID….

    BTW, can a minor apply for Basic Savings Account? I’m still 17 and I kinda want this one because it has low minimum maintaining balance (plus, the visa logo can help a lot :p)

    1. I’m not sure about the age, but having 1 valid id aside from school id is enough. You can have NBI Clearance or Police Clearance to show them or even a Student Driver’s License.

      1. My probem is finally resolved! I went to a branch and asked for requirements. They said it’s ok for students (or minors) to only have School ID. I just added two 2X2 pics and proof of billng adress and I finally managed to apply for it! I’m currently waiting for my card (they said it’s around seven working days) 🙂

      2. Hi there. Acceptable din kaya ang Postal ID and Voter’s ID for applying the savings account?
        I only have 2 eh…

  2. I have this debit card as well. Got it in August. Personally, I recommend this card to everyone instead of getting a credit card. It’s accepted to virtually every store. I was shocked when it was accepted in a strictly credit card accepting store. Since it’s under VISA, it has the capability to be ran as credit instead of debit, but the funds will still be automatically deducted from your account. You know what I’m talking about if you have basic knowledge in American banking. This is the main reason why it’s transactions are signature based and there’s no need to enter your pin code in the card terminal unlike having a debit MasterCard.
    And yes, it is accepted online and can be linked to paypal. You just need to sign up, skip the set-up page then once you’re in the homepage, click the “add credit/debit card” option. It worked for me. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi sir evab! Where did you get your 4 digit verification code for paypal? Did the EastWest email you or something? I already connected my account to Paypal but one more thing is needed to fully connect it, it is to verify my account and I need that 4 digit code from EastWest. Thank you!

  3. Hello, does anyone know how much is the bank charge for withdrawing from Paypal to East West debit card? Is it also free just like EON? Thanks

      1. oh, you got me wrong. Paypal really charges 50php for withdrawals less than 7,000 php. What I mean is the bank charges or the in-remittance fee that East West Bank charges for money transfer from Paypal to East West. For instance, BDO charges 200php for in-remittance fee from Paypal to BDO on top of the 50 php deduction from Paypal if the amount is less than 7k.

  4. I got same card as yours. And im trying to verify my paypal account using Basic saving card. But I got this error “The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer.s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.”. Is Basic saving card can really used for verifying the paypal account?

  5. magkano ung start?, I mean magkano ung application or what so ever to have these? do you think it is more convenient than BPI easy saver blah blah? Fit ba xa for students who only have allowances? kase I want a visa debit card talaga! kaso under 18 pa aq.. more info how can I load paypal using this card?

  6. I had the same problem as Brian Flores, I already knew about the PP 4 digit code and I was expecting it but then it had an error and said that the bank did not approve the transaction. So i could not see nor be able to enter the four digit code in the field If i get it. What seems to be the problem there? I’m using the Basic debit visa card.

    1. If that’s the case, try to email the EastWest Customer Service. They really respond on their email support based on my experience, they gave me my 4 Digit code thru email so I know they really respond.

      1. I’m trying to get my verification code as well. Uhhh what did you send or say in the email to the EastWest Customer service? Did you send any personal infomation or what? Thanks 🙂

  7. May EON card akoand when I tried registering it to paypal sabi dun dapat may running bal ka na 200… Sa East West po ba ganun din?

  8. I wasted my time to a certain bank that I thought it can link to my paypal account. To make the story short , I am now confident that EastWest bank can link to my paypal account base on the testimonies aforementioned. Thanks to all who contribute your experiences in Paypal…

    1. sir.. have you tried withdrawing from your paypal account to this eastwest debit card? was it successful? were you able to see your verification code for paypal on online statements?

  9. Hi ..I am also interested to apply for east west basic savings .. I just want to ask bakit nag apply ka pa for paypal kung debit visa card na xa??thanks

    1. Hello, the reason for that is because of the online transaction. Like purchasing online, money transfer, online payment etc. so to make the story very short PayPal is an account online which you can receive payment (Money) and that payment will be stored at your PayPal account and in order to withdraw it, you need an Credit/Debit Card with a Visa or Master Card logo. I hope I cleared your doubts 🙂

      1. Hi Sir, actually nag try ako mag apply sa BPI which is easy saver its ok because 200 lang and no maintaining balance but the catch is myron akong parents na nag papadala sakin so i ask kung ok lang na sa bank account ko na mag padala yung parents ko then dun ko na lang kukunin then they say na hindi daw pede kasi dapat ang plan ko for saving is 3K. Tanong ko po is same lang po ba sya nang BPI or pede naman po sa east west yun. Salamat God Bless 🙂

      1. Hi Crizel,

        My name is Luigi and I am using Eastwest’s Basic Savings Account Visa Card. Yes, this card is accessible through ATM as well. I was just wondering if how much is the minimum amount you can withdraw through ATM though.

    1. you can withdraw from paypal to eastwestbank. Eastwest don’t charge but paypal does..below 7k it would be Php 50.00. Transfer from paypal to your eastwest account would take 3-4 days.

    1. It’s very easy Marianne! Just go to any East West Bank and tell them you want to open an account for East West Visa Debit Card. I think the minimum deposit for opening this kind of account is P100 but i’m not entirely sure, better ask the tellers how much is the initial deposit. Thank you. 🙂 I hope I help you with this information.

  10. Hi, do you know how much the bank would charge if you withdraw funds from paypal. And how long does the transferring of funds from paypal to your eastwest bank account?


    Nice post by the way.

    1. Hi there! I think paypal has a webpage regarding how much it cost to withdraw funds from your paypal account. I’m not sure on how long the funds from paypal be transferred to any debit card because I didn’t try it yet. Take care. Cheers! 🙂

      1. It’s depend if the money is came from an item that they buy on u…if in that case the money transfer to your pp accnt with in 3days and when the money arrived to ur PP accnt u need to transfer it to u bank accnt sa east west very fast and process with in 2days nasa card muna ang pera mo…

      2. Hi… I have eon account.. But i would like to open eastwest visa debitcard as my savings account. I work as freelancer right now. So therefore my salary will be in paypal. I just want to ask.. If its really ok to link this account in paypal also? And may i ask? Does anyone here have 2 or more banks conected with their one and only paypal account? Pls. Answer me. Thank you

  11. After eading the article and comments i have the following questions po..

    1. Can this be used to withdraw cash from ATM?

    2. Ano po ba ibig sabihin ng ‘connet to paypal’ na topic ninyo or what is paypal in short?

    i want to open an acccount that can act as a normal atm account but low initial and maintaining balance. Thanks!

    1. Hi Michael, i’ll try to answer your questions po regarding this ATM account of EastWest.

      1. Yes, this is a debit card so you can use these to withdraw from any ATM as far as I know.

      2. Connect to paypal means you connect this Visa Debit Card to your Paypal account.

      3. Paypal is a Web-based application for the secure transfer of funds between member accounts. (from Google yan) Ibig sabihin, pwede mo magamit ang paypal account mo to buy things on online shops like ebay, lazada, easyshop, etc., you can be paid also here kung may online business ka or side line, pwede ring pang reserve sa mga bookings mo like sa hotel or flight. Ayun, masasabi ko lang is advantage ang may paypal. 🙂

      Hope I answer all your questions clearly, kung hindi tanong ka lang. Hehe. Cheers! 🙂

  12. Hi Drew,

    I was just wondering how much is the minimum amount you can withdraw through ATM using this card?


    1. Hi Luigi, I think it depends on which ATM bank you’re withdrawing, like for example, I think BPI has a minimun of P500 to withdraw from their bank but BDO has a minimum of at least P200, i’m not sure but I know you get my point. It depends on the ATM bank where you will withdraw. Cheers! 🙂

  13. Hi drew, Have you tried transferring funds from eastwest savings to another eastwest savings card?because i tried using the bancnet online but it won’t get through.

  14. hi! Im abroad now and I want to deposit money to my eastwest account but I forget my account number. Is the number seen in front of this card the account number? if not, which one is the account number? waiting for your reply.

  15. Hello, I planning to open an account like this on monday. But before po I have a Q’s (1) may service charges po ba anytime I withdraw? Just like BPI, they charge me 5 pesos any transactions I made through their atm machine (EASY SAVER). Mas ok po kasi kung walang charges :). (2) How to make a deposit in East West? Sa teller pa po ba? I’m also a student sir 🙂 Thank You 🙂

    1. HI JL, here’s my answer to your questions. 1.) They don’t charge any amount whenever you withdraw, depende sa ATM Machine na pinagwithdrawhan mo kung magkano ang bawas sayo, it’s like interchange bank fee yata yun. 2.) Yes, sa teller ka magdeposit ng money mo, the green paper. Hope nakatulong ako sayo. 🙂

      1. 1. May charge po ba pag nag deposit ka sa basic savings acount mo sa teller at magkanu ang charge?

        2. May 3 digit number ba sia sa likod malapit sa signature?

        Thanks sana may sumagot.god bless..

      1. hello sir, ask ko lang po, ung mismong number po ba na nsa ATM CARD un narin po yung acount number ? thank you

  16. hi, can you show step by step connecting your card to paypal? i tried connecting mine but i only got “We were unable to verify this card. Please review and make sure that the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please enter a different card.”

  17. Hello po..pwde nyo po ba akong tulungan?nag avail po kasi ako nyang eastwest..naveify na cya ng paypal..tapos po may ireredeem po sana ako ng pera dun sa online job ko,sabi sept.8 po makukuha yung pera pero 1week na wala pa pong napapasok na pera..bat parang ayaw nya gumana?!please reply po..sayang nman po kasi yung effort ko sa pagwork nun tapos d naman napasok pera ko..

  18. Good Day sa lahat!

    Sa tingin ko ang eastwest visa debit card ang the best na gamitin sa paypal.
    24 hours lang, nasa bank account ko na kaagad ang pera. Wala pang bawas!
    Iba ang Account number sa Number na nasa Card. Be sure na sa bank account number nyo i-withdraw.

    1. May deduction ba sa debit card pag ni-link ko yung Paypal at East west debit card?
      How about pag ginamit ko yung Paypal pang bayad sa purchases ko online, may deduction/fee rin ba sa East West debit card? Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

  19. hi guys have you heared about the system upgrade? with that i believe users of the basic account will need to ask for a new account number. with that i was just informed by the customer service rep from eastwest bank that the old account number will no longer be accepting any paypal fund transfer. too bad i have been waiting for 5 days and the transfers hasnet reflected yet on my eastwest bank account. i transferred the amount last November 24 and up to this moment no amount is showing on my bank.

    1. saan po ako pwedeng mag email para maverify ko ang aking paypal gamit ang eastwest debit card sigurado po bang mabibigay sa akin ang code kasi nagawa ko na po ang unang hakbang ngayon ang kailangan ko na lang ang 4digits code saan po ba pwede magemail para ibigay sa akin yung letsheng paypal code

  20. Well hello, I am still a student, but already in legal age. How can I open this kind of account if I could not provide some of the requirements? Thanks

  21. Hi everyone. Help please.
    I just have receive my Eastwest Debit Card and I’m confused on where can I locate my account number.
    Thank you!

  22. i everyone. Help please.
    I just have receive my Eastwest Debit Card and I’m confused on where can I locate my account number.
    Thank you!

  23. Hi everyone. Help please. I’m using an EastWest Prepaid Card, and i had successfully verified my PayPal account using this. But I have been experiencing problems in transferring my paypal funds to my bank account. My withdrawal was reversed thrice. Help me please. Thank you.

    1. Maybe its because your name was not exactly as your account name in bank. They should be same as in paypal. Even address. And more importantly be careful entering card number and account number Its diff. Kasi. Commonly kasi na iinput sa account number ung card number.. Thats all i know why paypal will error or revised the process. I hope nakatulong

  24. Hi po! I would like to ask if other people like my dad, mom, aunt or uncle can deposit to my savings account? Your answer can really help me about this stuff. ☺

    1. Hi HiThere, i’m confused with your username, hahahaha! Yes your love ones can deposit to your savings account. Just give them the account number and your card name. Hope it helps! Thanks!

    1. Hi justin, the truth is i’m not sure kung open pa itong ganitong account nila. Ask po sa nearest East West bank na malapit sayo or sa work mo. Ask them if the Visa Debit Card is still available.

  25. Hi ask ko lang.. nag open kasi ako ng ganitong account last week tapos may nagdeposit na sa account ko.. can I withdraw it kahit wala pa yung atm ko and panu po pagka ganun? Thanks

  26. thanks so info … ummm blurred yung numbers sa front ng card pero kitang kita sya sa likod pati full name mo…. just saying =/

  27. hello po ask ko LNG po pano po b mgadd ng funds gamit po un Eastwest visa card or debit po mgpay po kc ako thru paypal or if link and verify na po Eastwest debit card ko automatic po b bawasan un money ko card ko?

    Pano po ba un bank account pede rin po iadd Eastwest visa card or debit card ? kc iba po kc db un 16 # un sa front ng card..meron kc bank acnt n give sakin para mkdeposit AQ sa may visa card ko over the counter.

  28. I just received my atm card. Would you know where I could find the account number? I doesn’t say in the letter. 😦

  29. I came across this blog primarily because I wanted to find out if EastWest also charges a withdrawal fee everytime you withdraw funds from PayPal. this is on top of the fees that PayPal itself deducts depending on the withdrawal amount from your PayPal account. I was just amused to find out that almost 95% of the questions posted here are very elementary. My 1st-grade son can search for answers on the net within minutes. Obviously, a lot of our readers DO NOT actually read. Otherwise, they would have known already what they were asking for. I really hate myself for having such low tolerance for stupidity and ignorance!

    Nonetheless, kudos to the blogger for maintaining his cool. At some point, I did ask myself if you were from EWB yourself.

    Going back to my query, and I guess this is a very valid concern for EON-diaspora people (been an EON user for 8 years; was pissed off with d service), I have yet to find credible source about in-bank withdrawal fees from PayPal, only anecdotal evidence, at best. So for EWB Basic Savings Account users with a PayPal link, is it possible for you to spread out the word so the whole Pinoyworld will know?


    1. Same comment! I am wondering whether there is a charge like BPI’s 150 pesos or BDO’s 200 pesos… So far walang nakakasagot!

  30. Hi, I’m thinking about getting this card for my purchases online. Can I use this on Amazon? As far as I know, I they’ll charge me the final amount in dollars. Will I be charged a conversion fee by Eastwest and if yes, what’s the going rate?

  31. Hi! Ask qu lang po. Kaninang hapon po kc iaactivate ko po sna ung EWB Debit Visa Card ng papa ko. Pag inactivate po sa atm need po muna ng signature sa likod ng card para maread ng machine. Nakalagay po kc the card is not activated. Ung sa pin mailer nmn na binigay sa amin ung ginamit kong code. Saturday po ako pumunta dun kaya ndi ko na po natanong sa bank since weekends. Thanks po.

  32. Hi.. Can i ask, do eastwest atm card can recieve money from india? Or someone from india deposit money to my atm card card here i philippines?

  33. Hi sir Andrew, Iadd my visa debit card into my paypal but this is the result, what to do please ;'(

    If you were making a purchase or sending money, we recommend that you check both your PayPal account and your email for a transaction confirmation after 30 minutes.

    If you came to this page from another website, please return to that site (don’t use your browser’s Back button) and restart your activity.

    If you came from PayPal’s website, click the PayPal logo in the upper-left corner to return to our home page and restart your activity. You might have to log in again.

  34. Hi drew. Super helpful ang information mo, thanks a lot. I have my basic savings account already , na para narin siyang prepaid card at debit visa card. Thanks eastwest.

  35. Hi, itatanong ko lang sana kung pano magpalit ng atm pin code? Kase diba bibigyan ka muna nila ng temporary pin then after 24 hrs pwede nang palitan kase iaactivate muna nila. Thru atm machine ba yun or kailangang pupunta ka pa sa kanila?

  36. sinubukan ko po mag add ng aking EAST WEST Dollar account as bank account sa paypal, pero palagi lang po nag e-error na di daw po ma add ang account ko, any solution or suggestion po paano ma resolve ito?

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